1.6 jobs for every person available in June

WASHINGTON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - U.S. private payrolls increased more than expected in July, pointing to continued labor market resilience that could shield the economy from a recession.

One can only hope this resilience in the job market shields us from a recession especially with the downgrade from Fitch…doc


The downgrade has no impact to anyone or the government for this derate. If we drop below AA, THEN we have a problem. AA+? No problem!

(banks, pensions, foreign governments, other entities with charters all maintain AA-AAA rated securities for this purpose)

Also, the US is still the best game in town for treasuries. Don’t let the fear mongering scare you. :smiley:


I’m sorry, are you looking at your retirement plan today? I am WAY DOWN across the board by over 5% in most cases. You cannot tell me there is no impact to regular citizens.

I have looked at it. Red is always painful. Short term red has no impact on my retirement, budget planning or future expectations. I bought today.