10,000 Fans in a Zoom Party

The NYTimes just posted a short but interesting article about Zoom conducting a live stream of a soccer team’s match with 10,000 fans:


A Danish Soccer Team Invited 10,000 Fans to a Zoom Watch Party

“To make Thursday’s meeting happen, AGF partnered with Zoom, the videoconferencing company whose technology — first launched only seven years ago — has been one of the breakout success stories of this year’s global lockdown.”

The article reminded me of Broadway Dan’s post about simple, authentic stories. Apparently the event went off without a hitch. WebEx (and presumably Microsoft Teams) could have handled this kind of capacity, but the fact that it was a Zoom story creates a valuable proof of scalability in the minds of readers. You can’t buy this kind of publicity.


That is awesome, piling on with another example. My step-son works at one of Zoom’s largest customers. They used Zoom to host 27,000 employees for a 4 hour call earlier in May, which required special permission from Eric Yuan. It went very smooth. Another anecdote of Zoom scaling :slight_smile: