10 percent of Canadian homes are now uninsurable for flood and climate risk



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I don’t believe that statement.

10% seems way too high given the number of people who live in the interior and in large cities like Toronto and Montreal.
Vancouver maybe has an issue given the geography but not Canada as a whole.


Thunderstorms cause flooding in parts of Greater Toronto Area | CTV News


I thought Canada was uphill to the north? No?

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Or does the curvature of the earth mean they are downhill?

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But there is also water to the north (and east AND west), so Canada can be flooded from three directions by the oceans. Never mind the Great Lakes to a portion of their south.


Speaking of Florida, unusual acts of God, and insurance, here’s a wake up call:



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Sure there’s flooding from thunderstorms and local weather systems, but that doesn’t make those areas uninsurable. Rates might rise if someone is frequently having claims, and in some areas flood insurance might be mandated by mortgage requirements, but I’m pretty sure uninsurable is an overstatement.

If the insurance companies refuse to write insurance for an area, that is the definition of an “uninsurable area”. The govt could step in and do as it does for flood insurance in the US, but even that is getting so expensive, it is no longer worth the high premium. And, as the number of people buying insurance keeps dropping, the price will keep going up until there are not enough buyers to justify writing the insurance.