13F for Q4 2021

Berkshire’s 13F for Q4 2021 was filed today and is available here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1067983/000095012322…

The changes can be seen more easily here: https://dataroma.com/m/holdings.php?m=BRK.

It looks like the changes were relatively minor. The largest position with any change was Chevron (CVX), which was increased by about one third but still represented only 1.36% of the equity portfolio. The ups and downs in Berkshire’s ownership of Chevron over the past year and a half have been interesting to follow.

Perhaps the biggest news is that Berkshire bought Activision Blizzard when it was beaten down and before the announcement that it’s being acquired by Microsoft. The stake was just a little under $1B, so it must have been a purchase by Ted or Todd. That should be a nice quick profit of a couple hundred million dollars or so.

The only other new buys were Nu Holdings (from the Nubank IPO) at about $1B and Liberty Media Corp. Formula One Series C at about $134M.