1YPEG Sheet Suggestion

What about adding a column that indicates what column Q-1 represents so that one could easily tell when a particular stock was last updated?


Agreed - and this is what I’ve been doing in my own tracking sheet (which pre-dates the crowd-sourced one), so that I know I’ve updated the EPS data. It’s a bit of a pain in that you have to carry 9 or 10 columns to represent the needed 8 because many companies’ fiscal calendars don’t follow the calendar on your wall, but that’s a minor issue.

The challenge is, the formulas doing the math for TTM P/E and growth and 1YPEG have to be changed to know which 8 columns to use, and that’s where I think the sheet can become dangerously error-prone.

I think the best way around this is a timestamp column just to the right of the 1YPEG where editors can note that the EPS was updated as of xxx. Cross-checking that against the expected earnings data should tell you it was updated or not.

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