2 To Watch - D and PRGO

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Here’s 2 tickers in my followed universe that seem to be zigging when the market zags, at least for this past week.

Most Return to
Current Recent Dividend Interest Payout 4 Yr. Payout Years 4 Yr 4 Yr Yield
Symbol Yield Increase 5 Yr. CAGR Coverage Ratio Ratio M* Sector Growth Avg. Yield Upside
D 4.33% 6.0% -2.4% 4.5 66% 81% Utilities 0 Years 4.14% 4.47%
PRGO 3.11% 8.3% 10.2% 1.1 55% 28% Healthcare 18 Years 1.94% 60.77%

D cut it’s dividend back in 2020 and ever since it’s pretty much been an over-promise and under-deliver type of company. This has negatively colored my view of the business and management as probably best to just stay away from because seldom does a leopard change it’s spots.

I like utilities going forward. But, D just seems to be always stepping on it’s d!ck. At some point, you’d think it would eventually get it’s act together and start delivering for shareholders. Just when, is anyone’s guess.

PRGO’s dividend history is more attractive in comparison. The generic/over-the-counter healthcare business disappointed on its quarterly confessional this past week sending shares significantly lower. It now trades at an attractive current yield relative to it’s history and could be a decent buy at these prices. Here’s the low-down to help with that decision.

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Rich, what is your favorite reference website to find out the exact date dividends are paid out?

I am looking for a pro-active list which shows which stocks will actually pay out dividends in December, January, and February.

Thanks in advance.

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$D daily, weekly, and monthly charts

Hi Rock,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been traveling down to Florida to get away from Michigan winter weather.

As far as what I do for dividend pay dates, I use my brokerage account website.

Otherwise, I think Seeking Alpha website provides good info or you could access individual company press releases via the SEC website.