2 WebEx usage stats

Cisco’s CEO was on Cramer today, and he dropped 2 stats about Webex usage:

  1. April’s Webex “volume” was 3x February (not sure what volume means)
  2. Webex had 500m meeting attendees in Feb (not really sure what that means either)

There was also some dialogue around how security was a top priority for them.

Cisco released earnings today too but I only see 1 tiny mention of Webex in their press release.

FWIW as relates to Zoom. Cheers.


Pretty much a direct attack on ZM who has been commenting on these areas:

  • Volume increase probably mentioned just to point out that they, too, are doing more than last month. Though Zoom is over 30x more, so an order of magnitude more.

  • Zoom crossed 300M average daily participants a couple weeks ago, I think it was. This is a count of every meeting’s attendees count. E.g. if I am in 6 meetings during my day I get counted 6 times (a real average for me).

  • The comment about security being a top priority is another obvious one.

…None of this speaks to paid vs unpaid memberships of course.