~25 Year Member Suddenly only "New Member"

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What’s up with this? I’ve been a member of the Motley Fool Community since the late 1990s, with the old-style Rte 66 shield. Now, just because you migrated to a new site, all of that history is lost? I’m a “new member?”

Eric Hines


Eric, I just opened up your mail. What a strange feeling.
I guess they took lessons from Alice.
Maybe the Cheshire cat? Anyway, weird.

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Your profile still shows your history, and posts from this year.


Then why am I a “new member” according to your bot?

Eric Hines

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I’m just a member, like yourself, it’s not my bot.

We are all new users on this new platform. The bot is just helping you onboard, by teaching you all the features.

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Hi Eric,

Think of new member as training wheels. When you got your first 2-wheeled bike you probably had them. When you moved to driving a car, you had a training permit and likely a seasoned driver along for awhile.

There are features (like the ability to edit the tags on your old posts) that you don’t get the first day, but will get later.


I see a lot of discussion of “too many buttons”. I don’t see anything- few options, no menus, hard to find posts…. On an iPhone…