3 Growth Picks from MF: $FVRR $MQ $GLBE


E-commerce isn’t a new investing theme; Amazon has grown like a weed for the past 20 years. But e-commerce has remained very isolated, meaning that it’s tough for someone in one country to shop online in another. Global-E Online’s (NASDAQ:GLBE) platform helps enable direct-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce. Its platform localizes language, pricing, taxes, and logistics to make the shopping experience smoother for shoppers.

Shopify bought 5% stake in the company, using its platform for cross-border transactions. Global-E has also partnered with Meta Platforms; these deep-pocketed companies have chosen to outsource cross-border commerce to Global-E instead of trying to compete with them, which I think speaks to the product. Its net revenue retention rate is 140%, signaling that Global-E’s customers spend more once they join.