352 Hospitals Warned on Pricing Violations

… I’m sure the hospital CEOs are quaking in their penny loafers. They’ve bought & paid for Congress and the Judiciary. What could possibly be the penalty? It’s not like anyone is going to jail.

And this kind of unchecked corruption just feeds inflation, as the now banned Larry Summers pointed out.

Atlanta system 1st in US to face CMS fines for price transparency violations

Atlanta-based Northside Hospital is the first health system in the nation to be fined by CMS for violating federal price transparency laws, CMS told Becker’s.

Northside was fined more than $1 million, according to CMS. Northside Hospital Atlanta, the health system’s flagship facility, was fined $883,180, according to CMS. Northside Hospital Cherokee in Canton, Ga., was fined $214,320.

As of early June, CMS has issued about 352 warning notices to hospitals that were found out of compliance with price transparency rules, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2021. CMS has also sent 157 requests for a corrective action plan to hospitals that received a warning and had not made any corrections. There have been 171 hospitals who have had their cases closed after addressing issues.

What’s a $1 MM fine to a multibillion dollar hospital corporation? They’ll just make the nurses work some more uncompensated overtime to maintain Executive Compensation.