5 years a Fool

Below is a post I posted on SA. I copied here for anyone won might not subscribe. Pretty much everything I learned and more in the past 5 years can be said for this board too. Only exponentially more learning, more gains, more analyzing companies. So, THANK YOU Saul, and everyone who makes this board such an awesome investing experience.

I joined SA 5 years ago. In those five years, I have made some good decisions. Some not so good decisions too. But I have learned a ton! My portfolio is 4X the size it was then, part from gains, part from me becoming way more serious about investing by adding $ regularly every month. My best purchase has been NVDA. I knew about the company, easy to follow, so easy to decide to purchase 5 years ago. My worst decision(s) is also how I handled NVDA. No, I didn’t sell, so I guess it could be worse. Basically, I did nothing. Which is actually a pretty good lesson learned here too. I liked the company, I liked the direction they are/were going. But I definitely was price anchoring as I finally got to watch one of my companies start to shoot up. Eventually I added to this winner, several times along the way, but if I would not have been anchored to sub $20 cost basis, this could have been life changing. I guess, more accurately, could have been more life changing. The lessons learned have been applied to other winners, I won’t make that mistake twice. That is my biggest lesson learned in the last five years. Don’t be afraid to add to winners! Of course there are countless other lessons learned as well. And countless Fools to thank.
I am looking forward to another 5 years, and hopefully a few companies with big runways ahead!