A cause of concern to MDB?


Guys - is anyone worried about this as a potential competitive move vs MDB? My understanding was PostgreSQL is the one wild card that could put a dent into the NOSQL movement.


Microsoft (MSFT -1.1%) acquires Citus Data, a company that commercializes the open-source database software PostgreSQL. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Microsoft has worked to improve its open-source bona fides since last year’s $7.5B GitHub acquisition.

Citus Data has a version of the software hosted on Amazon Web Services, but that could end with the deal…


PostgreSQL is fundamentally a relational database which happens to have a JSON datatype that support retrieval on its contents. As such, it may be a great match for a use case where there is a mix of relational data and document data which is in JSON form and there isn’t too heavy lifting on the document side. But, it is in no way competitive with the more general document database problem which MongoDB supports in spades.


Not immediately. Needs to be seen what Microsoft is going to do with this acquisition. Mongo had relatively easy competition so far. Remember it is still less than $200m revenue, but if it can manage to get to $1 B revenue and still show growth potential the competition is going to be enormous. Currently some players are not investing because they are waiting to see MDB can grow the addressable segment.