A Christmas Watchlist

These are all stocks I’ve been buying and may buy more of.

from my year end review,

All of them either drive ROI for their customers or make people’s lives better. All of them are integral in the functioning of their customers businesses or patients lives. I like their moats, I like their financial positions and I like their “stickyness”.

OKTA is at the very low end of its valuation range despite knocking it out of the park from a business perspective. EV/S is 15 and change. Normally is 16-24.

AYX EV/S is 16, it has been as low as 13 but generally is around 18 and as high as 22. A better buy than it has been in a while. Its competitive position has been getting stronger and stronger.

NTNX EV/S of 5, bargain basement. At the very low end of its valuation range. Has been as high as 10 almost 11. If you think, as I do, that they will start growing total revenue at >40% a year again then this will be a very good time to buy ntnx

VCEL- EV/s of 6 which isn’t all that cheap for vcel historically however VCEL has changed dramatically over the last year. They are now growing quickly, almost profitable and self funding and they have tons of cash in the bank. I think this is a good buy

ZS EV/S of 18 and change, this is the “cheapest” (please notice the air quotes there). Business continues to be strong. Cash generation is good.