A flight from Miami to London was turned around

From Forbes:

A flight from Miami to London was turned around over the Atlantic Ocean after a passenger refused to wear a face mask. About an hour into its journey, the airline was diverted due to a “disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement,” American Airlines told media outlets. Local law enforcement met the plane when it landed, but it wasn’t confirmed if anyone was detained or charged. https://trib.al/NHD6i0d


The flight was canceled and passengers had to seek alternative arrangements, CBS reported.

So. Several hundred other passengers were punished?

I think our “unruly” passenger won.

Society, the legal system, etc need to rethink the response to these situations?


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It would be really cool if they didn’t have to turn around. If they had a means of ejecting the passenger in-flight.

That would assure a lot more compliance with crew instructions.


Maybe they could lock them in a bathroom.

I’ve heard airlines are suing people like this tens of thousands for lost revenue. I hope they sue the crap out of her and ban her for life.


I still like the ejecting idea, but they would have to have a special construction that wouldn’t depressurize the cabin.

Failing that, sue the crap out of them. Yes. And I think all airlines should band together to get a comprehensive no-fly list. You misbehave on AA, well you’re banned from all of them. United, Southwest, JAL, Delta, Emirates…all of them.

That would ruin some peoples’ lives as much as tossing them out of the airplane at 30K feet. Imagine having to tell your boss “the airlines have banned me, I cannot go to that customer meeting, nor will I ever be able to for the rest of my life”. Plus not being able to fly home to see mom, etc.

That’s what the airlines should start doing. Lots of people don’t fly, but those who do usually do so pretty regularly. This would be a huge hit to their lives.