A FOOLISH take on Encanto

Here’s the link to an excellent article by the FOOL’S on Encanto’s popularity:



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Hopefully DIS can franchise this by turning out a direct-to-D+ sequel or series.

I’m surprised the movie was the topic of an article, as it only grossed about $230 million worldwide, but I do the same thing – to me, it is valid to look at all smaller releases and pontificate on how they fit into the business model…and how they can be extended, and learned-from. I don’t really feel a lot of buzz equity on this one, but the points the author made about “Frozen” argue for a “Frozen 3” (if that isn’t already in development/production).

Nevertheless, “Encanto,” which may not be “Spider-Man”, should be examined by DIS for further mythology additions. The weaker links of the chain are sometimes the most interesting topics to me. I even think about at times “The Good Dinosaur” - talk about a weak link, remember that one! Still…what can the Disney marketing machine do for that IP today…a streaming sequel? An ABC half-hour Halloween/Christmas special? Short films? Let no IP stand still…