A Google Wrench

Well almost on que Google has answered some questions about the TPU:

Answers a few questions I had so here’s my takeaway.
-Yes Google intends to make it available to others
-No it will not be compatible to everyone, only those who are using Google’s Tensorflow framework not any of the other of the Deep Learning Frameworks. It is an ASIC for Tensorflow
-No Google won’t manufacturer it and sell it at market
-They will still want lots of Nvidia datacenter GPUs for their customers
-Yes this is problematic for Nvidia’s dominance
-Yes other big Data Titans May look to develop an ASIC for their individual deep learning framework (Cafe2, Cognitive, PaddlePaddle, etc)

Perhaps nothing to take Nvidia off it’s trajectory, but I’ll admit this is certainly a hot one.


And released at the same time. Google introduces more support for GPU clusters:


Albeit older model GPUs