a great portfolio tracking tool?

Does anyone have a portfolio tracker that they love? I am using 5 different methods and they all have significant limitations.

  1. Etrade. They have decent tools I think, but I have significant funds in 5 different IRAs across my wife’s and my accounts, so it’s hard to look at everything at once.
  2. MF Scorecard. I like it ok, but you can’t look at a specific historical timeframe. Plus it seems to malfunction maybe once a month, either offline or old data.
  3. USA Today Portfolio Tracker. I loved that it auto-imported from my brokerage accounts. But the only historical timeframes it offers are 1 day, 3 day, 1 month, 3 month.
  4. Seeking Alpha. Lots of cool info, but again fixed ranges of 1 wk, 4 wk, 52 wk.
  5. Excel. Obviously I can do whatever I want in Excel but it’s time consuming to hand-enter everything.

I don’t really want to move away from Etrade, just want to track things better and more easily. Specifically I’d really like to see weekly and monthly performance consolidated across all of my accounts. And get a summary email on Friday night of how the week went (USA Today does this email ok but it could be better, and it inexplicably comes out on Monday morning). That’d be really useful.

And while I’m dreaming, the last 8 quarters revenue, the last 8 quarters adj dil EPS, the date for next earnings, trailing PE based on adj dil EPS, forward PE based on adj dil EPS, and PEG. :slight_smile:

I welcome other insights here apart from the specifics I mentioned also. Even if they involve graph paper. :slight_smile:

Thanks, -Chris


Chris, I created my own portfolio web app and I keep adding to it when I need something new. Excel (spreadsheets) are not great tracking tools, databases are better and a combination is best. I used to use FileMaker Pro plus a spreadsheet but newer versions of the OS do not support my old version of FMP so I decided to switch to open source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP_(software_bundle)
which I can run (serve) locally on my Mac or remotely on my website.

I would think there are some commercially available or open source portfolio trackers.

Denny Schlesinger

5) Excel. Obviously I can do whatever I want in Excel but it’s time consuming to hand-enter everything.

I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet for tracking my portfolio. I enter when I buy and sell but to update it I link it to another spreadsheet (that I link up) that contains the current prices. The spreadsheet with the up-to-date prices are in a Google sheet that automatically updates current prices. This sheet I can download to my computer and change the file name to match the sheet that’s linked to the main sheet. I used to use MSN Money to import my prices but the direct link to xls stopped working a few months ago.

I keep a separate xls to track my stocks’ quarterly financials. In this workbook, I have a separate tab for each position.


I use Option Tracker, made by a wizard prior member of Options. It is a fairly complicated Excel spreadsheet that people do need help with from time to time, but it is great. There are several threads on MFO about it if you are subscribed there. I think there is a link that can be had to download a blank one. I have used if for 3 or 4 years, it is a pretty amazing spreadsheet but does require manual entry.

There is a board for Portfolio Tracking (Investment Software) but very few posts! I don’t think there is a great commercial product in our price range (free?)! Reading back through that board, this question never really gets answered and if you need to track options it is more difficult.

JSeargent on SA boards has some great free Google sheets, check out SA Options board and he is always quite helpful.


-wonderinf if Denny just used Google Translate and spoke to us in Chinese? I have no idea what his post says, and far too little time to figure it out!

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-wonderinf if Denny just used Google Translate and spoke to us in Chinese? I have no idea what his post says, and far too little time to figure it out!

I asked a friend what font he used to write code. He replied: “What’s code?” :wink:

People ask me if I write programs in English or in Spanish. “No, in PHP.” :wink:


Denny Schlesinger

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Chris a great app is SigFig. It does a really good job of tracking multiple portfolio but if you have a security token on your accounts it won’t work.


I just use google drive to set up a sheet. I find it is much easier than excel as it has some really basic ways to import current prices, change, etc.

I update it when I buy or sell and whenever I want to track from-like the beginning of each year. I can do extra sheets for portfolio totals or things like that.

It isn’t automatic, but I like having control over what information is included.

Someone was doing one that tracked Saul’s stocks. Track it down, and I am sure the formulas are in it.

I could put up a basic sheet that has all the formulas I use if anyone is interested.


I share your frustration. I agree with Denny, to do it right you really need to build a 3NF relational database for tracking (although he only alluded to that, he didn’t come right out and say it). Then use a tool like Excel for reporting and charting. But even though I spent 30 years in IT, I was an analyst and architect (except for 10 unproductive years in management). That means I didn’t code for most of my career, I provided specifications, standards and direction for hackers, er, I mean DBAs and programmers.

I started building an Excel workbook to track my investments and quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of time I was spending on design and construction (had only done minimal data entry just to test out the design and construction).

I use Yahoo portfolios, not because I think they are especially good, I just started using them quite a while ago and I’ve got everything there. I tried TMFs tool - not impressed.

I’m beginning to have a deeper appreciation for Saul’s simple manual methods. Un fortunately my situation is just not that simple. I have four different accounts spread across three different brokerage firms. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there are (were) good reasons for it. Anyway, even the simple question of, “what’s my overall performance?” is not easy to answer.

I need a tool that provides data capture at the transaction level and reporting based on various combinations and permutations of portfolio, account and brokerage firm.

Please post a link or product name if you find something.

One would think this would be a great business opportunity for a small developer (or single code monkey) to build and sell at $20 or $40 a pop…

Just so no one had to keep asking how to fix Google sheet XX or Excel macro YY, I’m pretty sure there’s at least a small market for such an app just on the TMF boards.

One would think this would be a great business opportunity for a small developer (or single code monkey) to build and sell at $20 or $40 a pop…


I’m evaluating Gainskeeper at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s good at portfolio tracking, but it is supposed to be good at tracking gains and losses on stocks and options for tax reporting purposes.

Apart from that I use a mish-mash of tools to track things. I track my own portfolio xirr using Google sheets. I track individual stock holdings with Google Sheets, although those usually get out of date because I forget to add transactions. I track my options trading using Google Sheets, which I do stay on top of. I also find Vanguard and more especially IB to be really good at giving me a current summary of my portfolio performance. At the end of the day, it’s really portfolio performance that matters.

I’m also looking at updating the Excel Option Tracker and bringing it under my wing.


Thanks for all the great feedback - I’m working through it. I’ll say one thing I’ve been tinkering with is the Morningstar site. Their portfolio tracker is very customizable with about 250 (!) configurable column choices. For free. The downside is hand-entry of positions, yuk.

The free USA Today tracker I mentioned before is powered by SigFig, and if you give it your brokerage credentials it just goes out and gets your data, and keeps it up to date. Which makes it super easy to give a spin. But it is not a high-powered tool.