A Look Back at Q2 Public SaaS Earnings

I came across this interesting analysis of many of the stocks discussed in our boards


Main takeaways:

  1. Digital transformation is real and accelerating. Companies surveyed say they will increase spending on cloud transformation. This bodes well for all our companies
  2. But it did not show in increased Q2 rev in many of our companies - most companies actually slowed. This was because their customers scrutinized spending. The good thing is most companies just postponed spending to later Qs. This bodes well for companies like Ddog.
  3. Feds have extended the low-interest easy money policy till 2023. This is good for growth stocks and SAAS in particular due to the numerous advantages we have discussed on these boards.
  4. nCino metrics look good. Has anyone analyzed it?

Do you see more takeaways?