A nicer way to say that (and please delete...)

Bear, thank you for calling out that I could have written my post in a nicer way. It’s clear I started a hullabaloo and I want to set things right.

First: please delete my post #83158. I would like to say things in a nicer way. Here goes:

JonWayne, your research is much appreciated. Whenever you set out toward a stock, you turn up every rock and so many good things come from that. The board has benefited so much from your research.

But your most recent post #83151 has made me concerned that you are only looking at Upstart stock from one angle, and perhaps through a cloudy viewfinder.

When you were pro Upstart, we got so much great research on banks added, podcasts, etc. So many rocks were being turned up and so many great things were being discovered. But now, none of this is happening - not one good item is being unearthed about Upstart. But…we know they are there - up to 41 bank partners now! Blow out quarter! Blow out guidance! More podcasts!

Of course I am not asking you to continue to provide this now that you are anti-Upstart - that is a ridiculous thought! But I am wondering, since you are not doing this, if you are only seeing the negative side of things, and not even opening yourself up to the possibility of the positives that might be there?

I’m even more worried as I parse through your post and I read things from you like:

“Very upbeat tone and swagger coming from management,”

(swagger is not a nice word, implies “arrogant and / or aggressive, according to most definitions. I did not see arrogance or aggressiveness, just incredible confidence, as to be expected given the blowout.)

"on the cost side, consumer acquisition and operations are still things that are – I would call them subscale. So we have targets for where we want them to get to, but not actual results yet.

(why bold the word subscale, in an overall report on auto that was so positive? They were just pointing out it’s early days yet, just like it was early days with personal loans, and that they had confidence it would ramp up in the same way. Of course it’s subscale because it’s just starting and it’s only going to get bigger! so why choose to highlight that word?)

“Auto retail is somehow facing supply chain issues despite them growing from an incredibly small base…“the biggest challenge for auto retail at the moment is the supply chain that car manufacturers and the auto industry overall is seeing”

(this one confuses me the most! We all know the dearth of cars is a real problem. Dearth of cars = fewer car loans. Why would you use the word “somehow” when talking about supply chain issues? Somehow suggests that you don’t believe it. Why don’t you believe it, when it’s a proven fact that auto is facing severe supply chain issues? Just ask anybody who needs to get their teenager a car, including me - it’s virtually impossible! And why would you highlight the words “biggest challenge” as if it’s some sort of horrible negative you have to call out? It’s their biggest challenge - no cars no loans, isn’t that common sense?

I could go on but I think the point is made now.

I would like to ever so gently suggest that the tone, the decision to bold certain words, and your choice of certain words and phrases, perhaps shows a bias toward negative thinking about this company that may not reflect the reality of the company. It suggests to me almost derision toward the company, a sign to me that you may have lost perspective - especially since you are not seeking out any good news (or none that you are posting).

And I guess what I’m also really wondering is: you have clearly made a decision about this stock, and in the post prior to this one, you made clear your reasons. Why are you putting so much effort into this stock when you have moved on?

I would love for you to use your limited time and amazing research skills toward stocks you do like, and uncover those beautiful gems you are so well known for.

Of course differing opinions are always welcome! That’s what makes this board amazing.

Please do not take this as a desire for anybody - including you - to withhold any opinions.

Anyway, I see things a different way about Upstart - this was nothing but a blowout, like or hate Upstart, and I do not see the red flags you see at all. But that’s just my opinion.