A Nutanix Post that I thought would of interest


I am on getting it out today my astonishment of share price action that appears to have no relation to fundamentals. This post examines what was a clear short attack on Nutanix and then goes into a few Nutanix things that most people probably do not understand. Just a sampling of some such things.

The IBM announcement was also brought up in response, but that was not part of any short attack. That was IBM announcing they were going into the multiple cloud business themselves. That will be as relevant to Nutanix as IBM Cloud is to Microsoft or Google {not very}, but was yet another supposed “negative” when really it demonstrates the demand for this functionality.

Anyways the post speaks for itself.

Time to stop thinking stocks. It is sometimes best to just get away in a down market when you have done all that you can do or want to do in regard to deploying new money or repositioning.

It has been said very often on this board but it is those who stay invested and keep contributing monthly that make the investment returns instead of those who try to time bottoms and end up buying when only the final 20% of returns are left. Sure, it is non-optimal. We would all want to be able to sell at the top and buy at the bottom. I believe, that if a study were done, those who attempt to do just this will have worse returns than those who don’t. But my opinion in regard as I have no data in regard.

For once I grabbed a bottom for today on Nutanix, maybe it won’t be an actual bottom however. But I discuss a bit of that in the post.