A Reflection on our SaaS Companies

Reflection on our SaaS companies.

I was marveling at all the people on the board who recounted their marvelous experiences with Docusign, and who told us how it hugely simplified the particular task that they encountered (in buying a house, doing this, doing that, etc). And then it came to me that it was because Docusign is “everyman-facing”, which is why we see so many of our members who have had single encounters with it.

Then, another little epiphany! This is the same thing that the enterprises that use all our little SaaS companies are experiencing! Whether it’s Alteryx, and company employees are saying “Wow, this used to take me three days to analyze manually on spread sheets and now I have it beautifully prepared in three minutes”… or Okta, with employees saying “Thank God for Okta. I used to need 50 passwords, one for each program I might need, but now I just sign on once and it’s all covered!”… or Elastic, with IT saying “Wow! We just couldn’t do it before and now we can!” etc, etc.

What our SaaS companies are doing is making life easier for companies and the individuals working in them, with the same “Wow!” experience that individuals on the board told us about in having their life made easier in one particular task by Docusign.

And that’s why the SaaS companies are growing so fast, and that’s why we are buying stock in them.



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