A Republic of Scoundrels: America’s original white men behaving badly

Many of the founding fathers were anything but worthy of admiration.

A Republic of Scoundrels: America’s original white men behaving badly | Books | The Guardian



Similar in the history of all countries, n’est pas?



Of course. But most developed countries do a better job at teaching their history. When I lived in Baton Rouge 30 years ago, destination weddings at a plantation manor complete with slave quarters were a “thing”. Some would say that’s like holding your wedding at Auschwitz.



Maybe Eagle’s Nest might be more similar? The views are much better there, similar to the pretty surroundings at the grand magnolia estates of the confederate slave-holding magnates.


The crimes of the Third Reich didn’t occur at Eagle’s Nest. The day to day was at the camps (or at the planatations in the slavery analogy.)


That, right there. There is a faction here that wants to sugar coat all the bad stuff in our past. Or ignore it entirely. There is nothing wrong with admitting our “Founding Fathers” made mistakes, but we can’t do that here. It’s like we cannot admit they were fallible. Or worse, can’t admit that the governing structures that made sense 250 years ago may not make sense today.


You mean owning slaves isn’t worthy of admiration? How insolent.

During the bicentennial, I was looking forward to someone running “1776”, as I had never seen it. None of the three networks ran it. Having finally seen it, some years later, I noticed how it did not present the “traditional family values” model of history.

Interesting film. No-one has uploaded the bit I wanted to post, of Franklin saying words to the effect “we are not saints. we are men” When the film was about to be released, the POTUS at the time objected so loudly to a sequence showing some of the members of the congress putting self-enrichment ahead of everything else that the sequence was removed from the film before release.

That sequence has since been restored.

As far as I know, the song about the “Triangular Trade”, highlighting the hypocrisy of northerners who condemn slavery, while profiting from it, was in the original cut.