A Saul-style Company?

Saul, have you ever looked at CREE? It seems like a possible candidate for a company you might like. Profitable, nice revenue and earnings growth, long growth runway, disruptive first mover, very little debt. On the negative side, shares are a bit pricey, there’s little insider ownership, and I’m guessing low recurring revenue since part of the promise of LED lights is that they last a long time (though the company does appear to have other divisions).

I’ve only done a cursory glance at the company after purchasing the first LED lights for our home today (not Cree, as these were a funky size in the kitchen that they don’t make yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying Cree bulbs in the future). If you’ve looked at the company, I’d be curious to hear what you like and don’t like, as I hope to get a better sense of how you think about these companies when you study them.

I do see that the RB team mentioned Cree back in late October and said they were keeping their eye on the company: