A Story I recently Heard

This weekend we celebrate Mothers Day and this story comes from a long ago autobiography:

"One day I heard my teacher tell the school principle that I was “Addled” and it would not be
worthwhile keeping me in school any longer. I was so hurt by this that I burst out crying and went home and told my mother about it.

It was then that I found out just how important having a strong mother is. She was angered and her mother’s love was aroused her mother pride was wounded to the quick. She took my hand and immediately took me back to the school. She stormed into the classroom and confronted the teacher. She looked him up and down and told him he wasn’t much of a teacher if he could not see the potential in me. She told him he didn’t know what he was talking about and if she heard anymore derogatory remarks from him about me she would be back and find a teacher more worthy of educating children.

She was my champion and the most enthusiastic supporter a person could ever have: right then and there I resolved to show her that the confidence she had in me had not been misplaced."

The man telling the story about his mothers love and commitment was Thomas Edison who became one of the worlds most prolific and ingenious inventors of all time.

Now…you may or may not have a similar mothers story to tell, but regardless - on this Mother’s Day remember your own mothers special love, support, courage and wisdom - and make sure she knows how very much it has meant to your life.

All the Best,


Dreamer getting ready to do something

Dreamer Mom expresses concerns

Dreamer says “don’t worry about it, Mom”.

Dreamer Mom says “I am a mom…that’s my job!”

Moms are great.

Love you, Mom!



My mom:

“You are going to get sick eating all that and don’t come to me to hold your head!”

I’d get sick . . . and she would be there holding my head.