a2 Milk: The Story of the 2,200% Monster

Interesting article


This is the story of how a little company from New Zealand grew to become a 14 billion dollar giant, the signs that indicated a big future ahead, and the tale of one of the greatest blunders in Australian business history. It is also the story of how we can apply the principles of what I call monster hunting to our own investing, and use the lessons on our quest to find the next potential winner while it is still small and undiscovered.



A2 Milk is also a great story of how the masses will spend $$$ for completely unproven health products if the marketing campaign is slick enough.

For those who may not know, Matt Joass was the lead Adviser for MF PRO Australia for a number of years - having taken over from Joe Magyer. (So, most like Jeff Fischer from MF PRO US, IMO).

The returns Matt generated for PRO AU members were simply phenomenal (in fact, life changing for most), with most of the scorecard not only green but showing 100%+ returns for nearly every company recommended. Not only that, he was absolutely professional, immense integrity and absolutely decent person at all times.

He is well worth following, especially if you have an interest in Australian and New Zealand companies which he focusses on, and his articles are well worth reading!