$AAPL News from Market Watch: Apple faces risk of ‘perishable demand’ for iPhones, analysts say

# Apple faces risk of ‘perishable demand’ for iPhones, analysts say

A powerhouse brand like Apple Inc. is often able to push past supply shortfalls in the knowledge that consumers are willing to wait for its hot products. But as Apple deals with significant iPhone shortages fueled by pandemic-related lockdowns in China, some analysts are worried that the company won’t be able to recapture all of the desired holiday demand.

Apple AAPL, 0.89% warned in early November that it expected shipments of iPhone 14 Pros to be affected by the COVID restrictions that have limited production at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou facility. A key debate ever since has been if Apple would merely see demand pushed back into calendar 2023, or if some consumers would look at the long wait times and abandon their planned purchase altogether.

“We see perishable demand stemming from the Zhengzhou Foxconn plant disruption, instead of an outright production deferral” to the March quarter, Barclays analyst Tim Long wrote in a note to clients Sunday.