AB: The Car Colors Which Depreciate Least

Autoblog headline: These are the car colors that depreciate the least

Subheadline: The wrong color can cost you thousands of dollars. Where does your car rank on this list?


This may not be the first time you’ve heard this tidbit, as it has been showing up in sales data for years now, but the folks at iSeeCars just came out with their latest analysis of car colors as a factor in vehicle depreciation. Some 650,000 vehicle transactions were number-crunched to determine that the best color for resale value is … drumroll, please …


Followed by orange.

Followed by purple, red and green.

Wait, you say, those are all actual, vivid colors. This finding flies in the face of consumer behavior, as the vast majority Americans buy cars that are white, black, gray and silver — or as we like to call it here at Autoblog, the “German rainbow,” since those are the paint jobs you most likely see on a BMW or Mercedes. Together, those four non-colors made up 78% of vehicle sales in 2021.