$ABNB Probably Will Accept Crypto Payments Soon

I bet what is going on is the decentralized network Dtravel (owned by decentralized Travala.com) is eating AirBNB’s market share so quickly that the CEO of AirBnB is not only seeing the light after his poll which shows crypto acceptance is their users’ no. 1 concern, but he’s also seeing actual cannibalization of his market share by a startup which never IPOed and doesn’t rely on bankers, credit card companies, or expensive corporate ads.

Too late, $ABNB, you’re just another corporation trying to co-opt that sniff of crypto when you are not decentralized. What can you do to keep some “disruptor cred” of your own? Accept crypto coins as payment instead of inventing your own tokens.

Crypto kicking over the apple cart which itself was a corporate disruptor.

DeFi is coming in all forms and sizes and shapes. I’m loving this.


Chesky also added that he has seen a number of token ideas, implying that Airbnb’s potential cryptocurrency payment selection will not be confined to one or two digital assets. Airbnb currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal as payment methods. The CEO also noted that the accommodation company has processed $336 billion in transactions since 2013.

Chesky has been vocal regarding the potential of new technologies. In September, he told Fox Business that the company had received a lot of inquiries regarding crypto payments: