About that "shortage" narrative.

America’s Largest Meat Companies Lied About These Product Shortages, Alleges New Investigation

The meat industry is in hot water due to a new report released on May 12. In it, the biggest meat companies found in the grocery store including Tyson and Smithfield are being accused of lying about potential “shortages” during the pandemic in order to persuade the government to allow plants to stay open despite coronavirus risks.

According to the Washington Post, in April of 2020, the chairman of Tyson’s board John H. Tyson wrote a full-page newspaper ad claiming that “the food supply chain is breaking.” However, the report found U.S. pork exports were at a three-year high at the time.


Anyone surprised? Anyone think this will be the only case of a fake shortage narrative being propagated for profit?




Some 80% of China’s meat eating is pork. This is a big cultural matter for China.

Smithfield is owned by China as we all know. There has been a huge price increase in China to supply pork. I forget did China have some sort of diseased pig problem? There is a shortage in China…global market.

Exports are up. So is the money.

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