Active Duty Air Force Airman sets himself on fire at Israel Embassy in Washington

Airman was protesting USA-funded, Israeli genocide in Gaza.

We haven’t seen this since the Vietnam War.


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Airman who set self on fire grew up on religious compound, had anarchist past

Wilkins’s account is consistent with those of multiple others who said Bushnell had told them about his childhood in the religious group or who had heard about his affiliation from his family members.

The group, called the Community of Jesus, has faced allegations of inappropriate behavior, which it has publicly disputed. In a lawsuit against an Ontario school, where many officials were alleged to be members of the U.S.-based religious group, former students called the Community of Jesus a “charismatic sect” and alleged that it “created an environment of control, intimidation and humiliation that fostered and inflicted enduring harms on its students.” The school, now defunct, disputed the allegations. Last year, an appeals court in Canada awarded $10.8 million Canadian dollars to the former students, who attended the Ontario school between 1973 and 1997.

Gimme that old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
It’s good enough for me.


I feel like I am missing the connection between his self-immolation and his religious upbringing. Can someone connect the dots for me or provide me the dots to connect?

In …………… sane

Connect the dots.


This is what the military does, blame the dead. Remember the turret explosion on the battleship? The Navy’s first narrative was the guy ramming the rounds was gay and was upset over a failed romance, so decided to kill himself, and take everyone else in the turret with him.

This time, instead of blaming the guy’s non-standard sexual orientation, they blame his non-standard religion for his behavior.


Airman who set self on fire grew up on religious compound, had anarchist past

I saw the headline but hadn’t read the story yet. I knew there had to be more to it. Something else I’m missing is why are these people so Anti-Israel all of a sudden, and what genocide are they talking about? Not just this guy’s compound family but in general. At the risk of pushing the conspiracy button, it all sounds too pat, too coordinated. This person has a disordered mind. I didn’t see in the article any particulars of what that “religion” actually taught. In the past they’ve been very Pro-Israel and wanting to trip-wire the End Times. I don’t see how this skirmish is any different.

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Detroit is of interest right now.

I wish free open elections were happening in all the Arab nations. If we as Americans are going to hold up the deal of being American let’s argue till the Arab nations have rights and free elections.

All of the violence mostly Muslim against Muslim could end. Instead we have Detroit backing Hamas. I get being childish but if the same voices had spoken up from 2007 till now against Hamas and more importantly for rights in Gaza by Gazans things would never be where they are.

Yeah everybody wants someone else to blame. Sometimes a wicked dictatorship is to blame.

I remember seeing a Buddhist monk set himself on fire in Saigon in 1964.


Active duty, no. Maybe not even during the Vietnam War era, but there have been lots of self-immolations over the years.

One that stands out in the past decade or so was that of Mohamed Bouazizi, who triggered the Arab Spring (that mostly dried up into the Arab Winter).


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