AEYE Q2 Earnings Call Aug 11th

AEYE announced that their Q2 Earnings call will be Monday August 11th. Apparently it will be at 11am EST (which I guess must be 8am AZ time). I can’t recall ever listening to a call taking place during market hours.…


Thanks mekong for posting this and your deep dive notes. Given that AEYE is a very small company that does not trade on a major exchange, I doubt Seeking Alpha will have an earnings call transcript.

It might be good to have a few shareholders on this board call in and ask questions on the conference call. Perhaps we can use this thread for potential questions to ask during the call for those who are able to call. I have the following questions:

  • In Q1, $675k of revenue was sold for licenses to the customer’s intellectual property instead of cash. Can you give some detail on what this intellectual property was and how it benefits the company? How much if any of the $3M in Q2 sales was for non-cash assets? Can you also share if selling licenses for something other than cash was unique or does the company expect to trade licenses for non-cash assets in the future?

  • Can you provide some color around the aging of the account receivables? How much is over 90 days past due? Do you have an allowance for any aged AR? Any collection concerns?

  • Can you talk about the company’s cash needs based on the significant increase in operating expenses? Is there a plan to sell additional stock to raise funds in the near future?

  • Lastly, based on the July 2nd press release, it sounded like the company is dealing with several potential customers (telecommunications companies in the U.S, over 50% of the federal government agencies, numerous state, local and municipal governments, multiple professional sports teams/leagues, one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the U.S., and dozens of other enterprises). All these opportunities sound like a lot to manage for such a small company. How does the company manage all these opportunities? Is there a big sales team?


It seems really quiet around here lately [especially if u take out the AEYE convo’s].

We need some ER from the heads of state: SYNA 7.31 and UBNT 8.7 to get this place rocking again!

SKX and Z rocking it.

BOFI is gonna get a chance soon too [ER is 8.7]

Great ER recently from SWKS [went long itm leaps]
GILD blew it away and got a blood cancer drug approved [at nu ath]
FB Monster ER
BIDU Crazy good
LCI busted by Conn AG ugh
CELG good report
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TSLA er comin 7.31
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SZYM week of 8.4


SZYM reports tomorrow! 7/30/14