AEYE SA article

Pretty good article that highlights the catalyst for growth, but ends with a negative overall view due to dilution and non-cash sales. Good points, but I think he under weights the recently announced Q4’s cash sales.…


AudioEye seems attractive from many angles, with huge reported revenue growth rates, profitability and a very clear story and catalyst.

However, upon further digging one finds large dilution and tremendously misleading revenues, with around 90% of the revenues and nearly all of the growth coming in the form of non-cash revenues. And since the overwhelming majority of the revenues are non-cash, the company tends to burn cash in spite of reporting a positive operating margin and even profits.

Given these findings, I cannot be bullish on this stock.


It looks to me that this micro-micro cap is pretty much in the same space as the small cap NUAN. What is their perceived competitive advantage (if any)?