Affirm will support cryptocurrency

From the article:

The San Francisco-based company now allows clients to broaden their financial options with crypto purchases via the Affirm app. In addition, they will offer a new debit card feature. According to Affirm, this is in an effort to become an all in one service for client’s financial needs.

Max Levchin, the CEO of Affirm, said the company is not taking any risks with this new development. “We are doing it in a way that feels natural to us,” Levchin said in an interview. “We will make it really simple, it’s safe, we won’t let you do crazy things.”…

I am not a fan of Crypto, but it is interesting to see all the trendy consumer fintech companies like Robinhood, SoFi, Square, Conibase, etc. all quickly converging. The financial consumer super apps that offer a number of services are clearly compelling.

For me, I think Affirm’s ability at rolling out new products is what I find impressive. I just hope crypto sales don’t overwhelm the rest of the business. That is what happened with Square and why I sold it.