After the CC - BILL

Ok - after putting an excruciating 5 min of intense thought on BILL’S report I can only come to the conclusion that things are muddled, perhaps even shaky and that this was an Adams Family type report. It seemed like the company was Dancing/Dueling with investors and the analysts:

Well…maybe not - but there seems to be holes in this story. As such, I am likely to reduce BILL’s minutes and, perhaps temporarily, relegate the company to The Bench; which, would leave me short one STARTER. So perhaps this:

  1. Allow MNDY and MDB to share minutes with the STARTERS.

  2. Promote GLBE to The Bench and perhaps extend a Bench level contract to ZS.

  3. Place both GTLB and TMDX on the Scout Team.

But - I will sleep on it and decide later - perhaps with a semi-finished plan as I go into Game Planning - The QB Room this weekend.

Other than that - I got nothing.

All the Best,