aircraft and AM…

good article. Reporting on laser sintering but much of it applies to EBM too.

I wish EOS was public. I would like to buy stock in laser sintering company but want it to be #1 or #2 in the field.

“Our primary objective is to reduce weight,” said Peter Sander, head of emerging technologies and concepts at Airbus. “Additive manufacturing and laser melting metals allows us to design completely new structures that can be more than 30% lighter than conventional designs using a casting or milling process.”

While it’s unlikely to lead the industry back, on mass, to metals, what is likely is that the metal materials used in aircraft, still around 50% of the structure, can be reduced in weight by a significant amount -

read the whole article for comments on design freedom with AM. Which I think will be the biggest selling point once design engineers unhook themselves from conventional SM thought patterns.