Airlines trying to stop video recording of passenger misbehavior

… this is kind of like Tyson Foods trying to stop the video recording of what goes on in the slaughterhouse.



“If someone’s got a cellphone in your face, it could make the situation worse,” FAA rep Trey Walters told Insider in an interview Tuesday.

Yeah, it is probably evidence against the airliners.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As far as passenger vs. passenger stuff a video will stop people from getting worse in a lot of cases. It will protect people.

Doesn’t protect the person shooting the video from a defamation case. “You made me the subject of public ridicule! My feelings are hurt!!! Give me MONEY!!!”

Were police body cams a thing when Mel Gibson went on his anti-Semitic rant? Of course, he’s a “celeb”. iirc, he got off with the excuse that it was the strong drink talking. That wouldn’t work for you or me.


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Three to four year old trying to get his/her favorite toy back after being bad–and being punished as a consequence. Sound familiar? LOL !!!

Doesn’t need to be four to throw a temper tantrum. The manager of one of the Radio Shack mall stores tossed a couple unescorted kids out of the store, because they were running amok in the store. The kids were sitting out in the mall, in front of the RS, when their mother returned. She asked why they were sitting out in the mall, and the kids replied they had been thrown out of the RS. The woman charged into the store, telling the manager she had told her kids to go play in the Radio Shack, while she shopped and was offended that her spawn were ejected from the store. The store manager wasn’t taking her guff, so she called corporate in Fort Worth to complain on him.

All it takes, to be a pain in the kazoo is an attitude of self-entitlement.



Yeah, we just saw that in a racism case but the person counter-suing was not necessarily racist. The person posting the video was harassing someone who is mentally ill. That is different than “my feelings are hurt” and it was harassment to a certain degree. It was long over and the videoing kept up.

Mel Gibson did not get off. He was prejudiced but that is not a crime. He became radioactive in Hollywood.

Your radioshack thing is typical parenting. That is not my feelings were hurt. That is having kids and avoiding taking care of them or even raising them reasonably. Every high IQ kid is raised for Wall Street instead of being a doctor. Teach your kids to be a sociopath you will never regret it.