All Apologies...

I need to clear the air.
Today was challenging. Work, the market, that youngest kid’s still-late/missing assignments, and to top it all off, there was no new episode of Oak Island last night. Well - needless to say I was a powder keg.

You see…I took all that pent up angst and tension, and drove my almost-50 yr old body over to the gym, and just tore it up. Utter devastation and chaos.

Those young 20-30 yr olds were perfectly content to stare at their meager biceps in the mirror, and I just had to come in and curl half the gym. With ease. With authority. With malice.

All apologies.

When I was doing those 1-arm lat pulls with max weight, and that poser dude was nearby with his girlfriend, I felt bad for making him look like a flat tire. Sex will probably never quite be right between them again. It was probably a quiet and awkward and long drive home.

All apologies.

Or when those stupid teenagers were talking about, like, you know, like, important stuff, and like, you know, showing each other their phones, or, like, staring at their phones and smirking, because, like, they found some content on the world wide web utterly amusing and fulfilling. And then I waited calmly for them to finish up and move over, and I ripped the entire structure off the foundation with my unfathomable old-man strength. Yes. They probably felt differently about their fathers this night. Moreso, the insecurity with which they will hold their future child already rests heavily upon my chiseled deltoids and traps.

All apologies.

So yeah. They probably won’t let me back in that gym again. Destroying equipment, albeit while using perfect and proper form, but in an abhorrently vicious manner - a runaway juggernaut, causing almost instant hypertrophy of the triceps and biceps. Don’t get me started on those hammer curls. Guess I have to find a new gym. Que sera sera.

All apologies.



Trust me, this is (somewhat) related.

I have a friend whose messenger messages to have changed since he spent 10 days on oxygen in ICU as he fought off an early version of COVID. All these diet and health related subjects. Two days ago he sent a video of a doctor who explains why he eats four eggs a day. Reason is that the human body converts more of egg protein into body tissue (muscle protein or other protein) than any other food other than human breast milk.

After pondering this for a few hours, sitting in front of my computer screen, a thought seeped into my consciousness: there is an intermediate step or condition in this process. The process requires something like weight bearing exercise or at least something that might cause muscle soreness. It doesn’t just go from egg protein to bicep… Oh well…

So it you have the energy, haul your arse to the kitchen and scramble up 4 eggs and turn that angst and tension, via the devastated gym, into potentially useful body tissue. For now, I think my friend and I ought to hold the eggs and make some muscle tired and sore. Can I borrow some of your angst and tension? Oh, wait, I have some of my own over in my sock drawer.

The link:

Maybe I should walk down the driveway to the road. Nah, later, when it is cooler.


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I dont have a problem w eggs, but i am horrible at cooking them compared to restaurant quality. So i often dont bother.

I have giant bags of whey protein from costco. Good w skim milk and coconut-almond milk.

I sometimes eat protein bars but the sugar alcohol (fake sugar) can upset the ol’ stomach.

I really need to learn how to cook a few more things. (That taste good)

As for exercise: quality over quantity. Do a handful of slow pushups, pausing at the top. Maybe some lunges.

This physical therapist does tons of workout videos. What i love is he calls out harmful or unnecessary exercises, because i was doing a lot of them. Following him i am working out less but smarter and more efficient. Some of his videos address ways to alleviate elbow/joint pain, lower back pain, etc……


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Just an update.
Hit the gym. Maskless. Yesterday.
Unimpeded airflow helped maximize the carnage that unfolded.

Forgot to mention previously, that since I switched to iPhone this year, I have had to rebuild a workout playlist.

Crazy Train - Ozzy
Weatherman - Dead Sara
I Got A Feeling - Beatles (can you believe I never knew about this song until the recent Get Back documentary???)
Still of the Night - Whitesnake
Shook Me All Night Long & Thunderstruck - AC/DC
You Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest
Do You Wanna Taste It - Wig Wam (thanks to Peacemaker series intro song)
Old Time Rock n Roll - Seger
Gypsy Road - Cinderella
Nothing But a Good Time - Poison
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Animal - Def Leppard
Mony Mony - Billy Idol
Even Flow - Pearl Jam
Who Are You - the Who
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Up All Night - Slaughter
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Metal Health - Quiet Riot
Lick It Up - Kiss

Need some ideas/suggestions.
I am not too much into death metal. It can’t just be noise…great beats with crescendos to get you motivated working out. Ideally with no big chunks of the song that go slow (Still of the Night does this a bit).

Plenty of great songs don’t necessarily make great workout music. (Hey Jude, With or Without You, Man in the Mirror, etc…)

And to the workers at the gym - if my destruction of the gym causes a decrease in membership due to an utterly demoralized and depressed cohort of men between ages of 18-39…


All Apologies.


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