All media needs to gray rock The Orange Narcissist. Problem SOLVED

This is NOT POLITICAL. This is dealing with a person with a HARMFUL PERSONALITY TRAIT.


What is ‘gray rocking?’

What does it look like to gray rock?

Imagine you are stuck in a conversation at a party, dropping off your child with your ex, or on the phone with a difficult parent.

They may look to get your praise, sympathy or outrage with charged comments. Instead of defending, explaining or asking for elaboration, you keep your responses as concise and bland as possible, Malkin said.

“OK,” “You’re entitled to your opinion,” and “Sure,” are all responses that address the person without inviting more or allowing yourself to be pulled in further, he added.

“They’re going to let go because what power do they have? They’re not charming, they can’t manipulate you, they can’t make you unstable,” Campbell said. “You’re just kind of doing your thing.”

For some narcissists, they may chalk that up to you just not being good enough to engage with them and move on. Others may initially get upset that you aren’t giving them the attention they are looking for, Malkin said.

It is important to know whom you are dealing with, Ashway said. If the person is likely to just be a jerk, gray rocking may be very helpful. If you think they could get physically abusive, it may be good to seek the help of a professional, she added.

Important to remember, though, is that gray rocking is not about changing the behavior of the narcissist, Malkin said.

“It’s not about them having some amazing insight,” he added. “It’s about protecting yourself.”


Well that’s never gonna happen. The media have learned “enrage to engage”, which builds clicks, viewing time, page turns, and all the other attributes that advertisers look for when deciding to shovel their money out the door.

Joe McCarthy had it right, he was just ahead of his time. Of course you could say the same thing about Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton, I suppose.


Yellow rocking might be more appropriate?

Yellow rocking is dealing with the inappropriate behaviour in a sane, calm manner. Yellow rocking is the manifestation of “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

Yellow rocking allows YOU to control more of your actions, without allowing the “antagonist” to control your behavior.

Gray rocking implies, at least to me, that your behavior is to some degree controlled by the antagonist.

And, I personally am not in favor of any media deciding for me, what I should or should not “see, experience, hear, read, etc”.


Here is a “layperson” link to yellow rocking.

I imagine that Yellow rocking is the go-to technique for politicians, ambassadors, HR, trained salespeople etc.


I agree with the GoofMeister: ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ used to be the phrase years ago that describes the media and it couldn’t be truer today. The media will never stop with the “breaking news” stories, which are almost never breaking and rarely news that we can use.


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I agree. A building is on fire is news. A shooter is on the loose is news. A bridge collapses is news. Is it news when politician lies and the sky is blue?

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And it especially aint news when the bridge maintenance budget is cut in half, ownership of armaments (unlike autos) is kept liability free, and building codes are gutted…

david fb


And then there is ‘yellow rocking,’

Gray rocking? Ignore rocking rocks! The Internet is a great place to practice Ignore rocking. :imp:

The Captain


All golfers should urinate on every rock in every golf course owned by the OT. Not sure when they will get to the LIV tournaments < G >.

It may or it may not be narcissism.

Any individual causing grief is not really handled by putting a psych label from Cosmo on him or her.

Almost all divorcees think they married a narcissist. That is not true. Though anger is the number one reason for divorce. Financials are just a vehicle for anger.

We have a problem letting the guy who wont stop spouting off know what we think. Oh he will tell you what he thinks. But you telling him?

Guys I come in here strongly against going on with supply side econ, remember our topic. I am shouted at several times over. When I do not budge the poster walks off in a huff. That is not narcissism in my book.

The Irish have a great word for some folks, “daft”. As in their thinking makes them a joke.

Asking you how daft do you think the supply side folks were or are? The poor are to blame for the debt? That is like going around screaming, “lie to me baby, I want to believe”! The rich ended up with the money.

Or the famous, “they are all liars”. That is the daft, “if they all lie I will only support a liar”.

Disney supported trans sexual people so we need to bring down the largest employer in the state. That’ll show’em!

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News today out of Florida. The plug was pulled so to speak. This is going to have major ramifications. Even if a marginal effect at first.

“Of course he lost”, from the anti mouser. That is the best shot over bow I have seen this year. Might just sink the ship.

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The question is “which ship?”. We are dealing with an ignorant mob that only wants to hear what it wants to hear.



That is the problem. Reality is NOT something in which they believe.