All of Saul's Companies are Founder-led

There’s a lot of great things about these companies. Saul talks about a lot of them regularly (growing rev, margins, net rev expansion, etc)

But I think one of the core elements and one factor I personally look for is that they are all founder-led companies.

I firmly believe that in most cases, founders’ incentives are better aligned and they lead companies with a much longer term vision than CEOs who come in later on.

This isn’t always true, but for me, it’s a “filter”. If a company isn’t founder-led I have a hard time considering investing in it because of all the amazing founder-led companies we have to pick from.


Yes. And this board, is founder led too. heh

I wake up every Sunday and rub my phone like Aladdin’s Lamp.

Today it did not disappoint thank you very much.


I also like companies led by innovators and founders rather than by hired hands Steve Job’s career is instructive , he had to grow up a little to lead a big company.

Being a super genius like Elon Musk has it’s problems too. When you are very smart you are right more often than those around you. This may lead to hubris, thinking you are always going to be right.
Some tasks need experience and a little common sense more than they need genius.

Founders can always hire people with specific skill but sometimes have trouble cutting back on control.

But more importantly than the “leader” I look for a “good business”, one that can survive an occasional management blunder.


… reminded here of Uber … … … … … …

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