All Time High

I’ve been gone.

But I just now stopped by the ATH Club. The parking lot had some weeds growing out of the cracks in the asphalt and there was a lot of paper and plastic blown up against building on the lee side. Out back, the dumpster was cordoned off with crime scene tape. It seems an ex-investor derelict had heard something like a baby crying in the dumpster but it was just the dying remains of someone’s portfolio. Scattered about were a few shares of Fastly, and a couple of PVTL, and an autographed photo of Beth Kindig. No audience to be found there, so I came to this board.

I hit an All Time High on August 13 at about 6 a.m. Wall Street time. But KC, that’s a Saturday and the market was closed. True, but there are varieties of ATH’s. Some like a song played in a different key. Others of a different genre.

Mine was not on Wall Street, but in a city called Iloilo.

Out of the door of a temporary operating room of a third-rate hospital strode a first class neurosurgeon wearing a wide smile, carrying a glass of red liquid and giving me a thumbs up. “Your wife is asking for you”, he said. Three hours earlier, DW had been a diaper-wearing near-vegetable. Now she was asking for me.

ALL TIME HIGH, indeed.

Back through the door, with a pause to take off my shoes and exchange for a pair of flip flops from a pile on the floor and donning a green smock, I entered the recovery room and saw a responsive—if somewhat still anesthesia groggy–woman with a WTF-where-am-I-and-who-are-all-these-people look on her face.

Four days later we were back home from a 10-day, 9-night tour featuring 3 hospitals, meals and transfers included. I arrived with a new skill of changing the dressing and a new knowledge of the three membranes between the skull and the brain. And, of course, with DW.

Did ya’ miss me? :blush:



WOW!! I feel for you. I can only imagine what you must of been going though. Glad her health seems to be heading in the right direction! It does remind us of what really matters.


I had been on vacation the previous week and spent all week in a blur catching up on work, so hadn’t posted much or even read the boards much, and hadn’t realized you had been gone so long. If I did notice, I would probably have assumed you were knee-deep in an eclectic mix of construction projects and/or finding creative ways to store massive piles of rice, or other such real-world activities that make desk/couch jockeys like myself reflect on how much of our lives we are wasting staring at illuminated screens.

Turns out you were dealing with an even more real-world situation of taking care of family in a time of need. Glad to hear DW is on the mend and hope you let yourself decompress a bit after what was likely a really highly stressful and uncertain time for you. After all, you need to be on top of your game so you can be there for DW, right?

Take it easy out there, buddy.



Hey KC,

You posted this on my never-ending port update thread, and thought it would get lost in the shuffle:

"DW progresses, but dang! Rather crude debridement by the doc yesterday. Tough to watch, tougher on DW. Its back to me now for the twice-a-day cleanings and dressing changes.


That is rough. Just the word debridement makes me shudder. Sorry to hear she is going thru that and that you have to watch her go thru that. That sucks.

Hope she feels better and that if that doc later loses a toe to a hungry crab…well…karma.


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