Alteryx & COVID-19: Together We Solve

Alteryx just added a lot of info on how they are helping customers fight COVID-19. I have not dug into the material yet, but I think it will provide some clarity into specific use cases during this (and other) pandemic(s).

If anyone wants to dig in and share what they learn, let’s use this thread.


Work from Home Licenses: Alteryx customers can request a new license key to use the Alteryx Platform on their home machines for 90 days. Simply contact your Account Manager or reach out to

That would certainly solve any issues/worries related to AYX being “On premises” only.



For existing customers to keep them succeeding at whatever they were doing before the pandemic:

  1. Free 90-day work from home (WFH) licenses. In my line of work, I work from home often, even if just to wait for the commuter rush hour to subside. Once they give customers this, it is something some would want to keep.

  2. Improved, free support. This includes:

a) “Virtual solution center”. That is a site with lot of technical how-to information. I don’t have a license, so I haven’t seen theirs. I have used similar support sites provided by vendors to my industry. If done right, they contain training videos, sample design solutions, and a page of frequently asked questions (FAQ). They let me learn their product, use models, sample designs, on my time by studying the posted content. Have that, you get an A from me and everyone who works for me.

b) Live tech support. Their site says it is question-answer support and “let me show you how to do this”. Imagine Saul and his band of wizards on this forum helping you analyze companies by appointment. They request that you come prepared for the conversation by already having your product ready to run, your data ready to analyze and thoughts on what you want to achieve. That is if they do it right.
In my engineering life, I have used tech support people when under stress to get a problem solved. When I need THIS question answered, I want the answer, not sales talk and “let me call someone”. If I am talking to a wizard, I am excited and I remember the experience. If I have to explain my problem 30 times to an idiot, I am angry and I remember the experience. In this time where everyone on the phone is under some level of stress, they should make sure their customer support is first class, even if they have to put their Saul-quality research and development talent on the customer support calls. Do this right, we will love you forever.

Recruiting new customers

  1. Free to non-profits and universities. This is a way to get users familiar with the product who like it at school and ask for it when they enter the workforce.
  2. Free 1-month license to ANYONE. Your boss at JNJ says, “You are a data-geek. Go see if you can find a way to exploit your talents to analyze some data we downloaded from the CDC”. If you have ever heard of AYX in conjunction with data analysis, their website is where you will go.

There may be more. I have an appointment to go pick up my groceries. Can’t miss that.