Alteryx moves up in Gartner Data Sci Magic Quad

Gartner revised its yearly magic quadrants yesterday, with product opinions in a range of areas including data science tools. I think you need a Gartner subscription to see the details?

Anyway Alteryx moves from ‘Challenger’ to ‘Leader’ in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning. In this article if you zoom in you can see the changed landscape YoY:…

I’m not in sales or sales support, but I imagine this could make selling to a new customer a little easier. I use SQL, Power BI and Tableau in my job but not Alteryx (yet).



I know we post about it and enjoy the attention but…

  1. Does “magic quadrant” mean anything really - does it reflect any business performance advantage or moat?
  2. Is there any correlation between being in the magic quadrant, being covered and promoted as in the magic quadrant and share price performance?
  3. Back in the day, most dotcom companies were in the magic quadrant and in fact most of the companies that went bust from the TMT era were “magic quadrant”

Maybe I’m too old and cynical or I’ve read too many industry reports as a consultant but honestly Gartner’s Magic Quadrant stuff is water off a duck’s back to me. After multiple decades and 1000s of companies with the tag, “magic quadrant” doesn’t even sound cool any more.