Alteryx Use Cases

I know a lot has been written about Alteryx on this board, but, as a layman when it comes to data technology, I wanted to know more about the company and what Data, in general, is used for. So, I went to the Alteryx website to do some exploring. Many of you may already know about the info available, but, if not, there’s a ton of material to be found that gives really good insight about Data, and, obviously, how Alteryx is used to help businesses optimize data. Needless to say, as it’s been said many times on this board, it’s extremely well liked by its users.

The page I found most helpful on their site to for my education :wink: is the Use Cases page in the Community section. Here, "all Alteryx customers can share their stories, whether you’re a newbie or a pro. A captivating use case describes the business challenge being addressed, who interacts with that process, and how the solution delivers impactful business results.”…

What intrigued me most was the incredible variety of businesses that use Alteryx and how each one specifically uses the platform. Recurring themes throughout are the ease of use, how goals were met/exceeded, and time/cost savings by using Alteryx.

Here’s just a few examples that displays the variety of businesses using Alteryx and how integral the
use of data and, of course, Alteryx is. I’m just providing a very brief note on each. Please use the
link to read them in full, if your interest is piqued.

  • Coca Cola (a couple of use cases are on the site)
    From one use case, in a nutshell “I was also able to cut 60% of our costs using Alteryx.”

  • Mesh Power, an NGO startup in Rwanda using Alteryx
    "to determine the optimal locations for building power grids”

  • NECTEC (Thailands National Electronics and Computer Technology Center)
    "uses Alteryx to develop geospatial data analysis for agriculture land use management
    - in order to build the Smart Farming system in Thailand."

  • Inmarsat - a satellite telecommunication co based in london.
    "Alteryx helped them clean and validate the data as well as match it with external sources to find aircrafts and vessels globally. This helped bolster their offerings and enhanced their ability to fight commercial fraud, but most importantly it helped the global search and rescue teams who need fixed locations to save lives."

  • Sellafield Ltd. (Decommissioned Nuclear Plant)
    In the last 18 months, Sellafield Ltd. has turbocharged their analytics team with Alteryx.
    As one of the world’s oldest and most complex nuclear decommissioning plants, they had a dire need for advanced analytics. Using Alteryx, they’ve started predicting the contents of nuclear waste containers using Neural Nets, improving safety by doing sentiment analysis with safety event logs, and helping the national government utilize spatial mapping to visualize all nuclear decommissioning work in the UK over the next 40 years."

I know, as investors, it’s the numbers that count in the end. The stellar performance of Alteryx has been well documented on this board. Will earnings/forecast be be impacted by Covid in the short term? I can’t imagine they won’t be. But, for the long haul, I’m extremely encouraged by what Alteryx is providing for businesses across the globe, and how integral it is. As I said at the start, Alteryx has been discussed in great detail here, so apologies if this was just an exercise in redundancy for most of you.

Many thanks to Saul and the multiple contributors to this board. I’ve learned an enormous amount from spending time here.

Best wishes to all in this challenging time,