I am looking forward to Saul’s month end review. I purchased a sub-1% position in AMAVF on the 24th and so caught the near-10% pop on Monday. There was a big purchase near the opening that day. Was it Saul? Probably not as he would more likely ease in, not drive up the price like that. Maybe we find out this weekend.

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There has been a discussion of several recent large purchases over here…

Some management changes announced today - doesn’t sound like a totally positive story on the Di Santo side.…

Magnus the head guy is moving across to sort out the Americas personally.


Well, the AP&C side seems positive and I don’t know that the DiSanto side is worrisome, particularly, especially with Magnus on hand.

AMAVF guys,

I own Arcam and am encouraged by their news. Thanks for posting. Some of you have asked me to continue to report on ExOne which I have.

The following is news this morning on ExOne 2015 shipments which as we know has been waaay different than revenue recognition.…

If you cannot get to the RB boards let me know and I’ll post here??

Here’s the company release…

Long AMAVF & XONE (still) but sold SSYS 2014 to add to AMAVF
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