AMBA Annual Shareholder Meeting Info

Back in early June I attended that annual shareholder meeting for AMBA and did a write up for MF which Saul posted to this board - as there were only 4 shareholders in attendance we were able to ask Fermi and George (you are on a first name basis when you are one of 4 attendees) just about any question we had on our minds.

At one point George told us that this year would be unusual from a revenue standpoint due to the product introduction cycle of a couple of AMBA customers - he said as a result they would see a greater acceleration of revenue in the current quarter - the one they just reported on - and unusually the current quarter they are in would be a bit weaker - on balance it would net out.

This is exactly what happened.

FWIW - These guys know their customers and understand their business.

My sense is the market is uncertain about potential future competitive pressures from Intel and/or Qualcomm.

Personally have not sold a share of stock.

Frank - long AMBA, see profile for all holdings