AMBA: GPRO Q2 results were huge

Looks great for AMBA!

Revenue: guidance $380-400M; actual $419.9M
Adj EPS: guidance $0.24 - 0.26; actual $0.35
Units shipped: 1.647M in Q2 vs 0.854M a year ago and 1.342 in Q1

Q2 press release is here:…


…and the GPRO guidance for Q3 $430-445M in revenue. The midpoint would represent a 56% increase over the prior Q3.

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I was thinking that GPRO was a fad but now I am starting to think they could be huge. They are going to have their camera mounts in Toyota vehicles and that made me think GPRO might be huge. I have a huge position in Amba but I started a small position in GPRO today. It worries me a little how closely these two trade together.


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… and that doesn’t include contribution from drones as GPRO haven’t entered that market yet!

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