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I just figured out what you were talking about. Thanks for the clear instructions on adding AMD articles. Not sure I like how you have to jump all over the place to find AMD articles posted by others. I do like how once you get into a topic, you can scroll thru all the posts and read them quickly…doc

Hey, I just accidentally stumbled on a feature: you can simply hit the ‘c’ key on your keyboard to pop up the interface to post a new topic! How convenient.


Nice! And ‘r’ for reply to a post (Shift + ‘r’ for reply to a topic). Select text and press ‘q’ to reply with a quote.

Press ‘?’ to see all the keyboard shortcuts. (There is also a small keyboard icon in the left sidebar below the hamburger menu.)

Just hitting the ‘r’ did nothing for me, but ‘q’ to quote/reply, and Shift+‘r’ did, as did ‘?’. And ‘/’ puts you in the search text box to do a search.

Nothing for me, either. Perhaps you need to be in some special mode.

Click the little keyboard icon for all the hidden shortcuts.

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Yes, clicking that keyboard icon is the same as typing a ‘?’. Does typing an ‘r’ do anything for you?

Try navigating between posts with ‘j’ and ‘k’. You’ll then see a line left to the current selected post, like this


…and can use ‘r’ to reply to the post.

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Ah, apparently that “highlights” the post, and then an ‘r’ works as a reply. So, in the help screen for these text shortcuts, what that heck does “g, r” mean? And there are other two char combos with different first chars, such as ‘x,r’. What’s that first char supposed to indicate? PS - needing help on the help screen is pretty pitiful, even for me.

Trying to resist the urge to add to this thread but also do wanna help out. Two char combos means pressing the first char then the second char to perform the action.

A moderator can close it, but probably easier to rename this thread and start a new one.

Throwing posts into random topics feels like an consequence of the design. The interface promotes ongoing discussions and pushes them to the top. There’s no easy way to browse or get an overview, and you’re presented with a infinite feed of “latest”. Good informative topics that doesn’t need any replies tend to get buried.

I’ll feel a lot better about my AMD investment when they have less exposure in Taiwan and the China situation…doc

Taiwan’s TSMC will make 3-nanometer chips in $12B factory in Arizona | VentureBeat

Don’t worry. This is for those that prefer the old system (direct link to AMD):
Sometimes less is more.

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How did you manage to create that BTW? It’s a pretty exact look-alike to the old boards!

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Old-school programming with a text editor and a terminal compiler, a lot of fast typing, and a love of the original community with your thought-provocative posts.

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Very nice job! (I used to dabble in web programming at my job before I retired.)

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How about adding an icon that shows up in a browser tab? What I’m seeing now is just a default “piece of paper with a folded top right corner”:

That chess piece looking rook/castle thing would look nice as an icon!

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Superb idea, I have added that just now. Click refresh and you’ll see it.

Bingo! Thanks a bunch. And I should add what a pleasure it is to have a website change suggestion acted on at all, let alone so quickly, compared to the old TMF modus operandi!

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By the way, that very chess piece at represents the strategic focus point of each board, and the colors around it represent people of completely different backgrounds all cooperating together around that focus point.

— Manlobbi

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Nice symbolism and an honorable goal to base your site on.

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