AMD Joining The Self-Driving Car Race?

AMD is on a tear, and I’m glad to have it as part of my portfolio. It looks like it will take advantage of a spate of good engineering, while Intel stumbles.

AMD is of course 2nd best against Nvidia also. It is doing all the right things in all its markets. I think AMD is worth a look, and this rumour of a Self-Driving Cars initiative, if true, is just another step in the right direction.…

If that is a recent development for them…they might be about a decade behind, which maybe they could shorten to 4-5 years behind with technological advancements.

NVDA has been working on the idea of self-driving cars for quite a long time.

NVDA has more than 370 partners in the automotive spaces. These partners are working with NVDA on self driving cars and other self driving or self moving things. Before investing in AMD for its future in automotive, I would find out how many partners they have. Do they even have any???



This is all speculation at the moment, but

AMD (AMD) rumors have circulated for ages that they are going to enter the self-driving car arena possibly through Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) via former AMD CPU designer Kim Kellar. Mr. Kellar helped to lay the ground work for AMD Ryzen before exiting to enter Tesla’s automotive division.