I ran my stock screener again and it cranked out 23 companies. Some familiar symbols included were: DY, ESNT, BOFI and LGIH. Other companies recently mentioned on this board are OZRK and CCS. But the one I want to highlight here is AMN Healthcare (symbol now AMN).

From 2013 to 2016 (includes Q4 estimates, earnings are 2/16) AMN has CAGR’s of 24% for revenue and 42% for EBITDA. AMN made an investor presentation in January which can be located at amnhealthcare.investor . One snippet from there: “AMN continues to evolve from traditional healthcare staffing provider to a full-service comprehensive workforce solutions company.” Much of this transition has come from buying small companies with niche markets and limited geographic reach and integrating those services into a more complete suite of offerings and cross-selling nationwide. They not only provide services but manage those services as well. They have some SaaS software in the staffing and procurement areas. Check out the presentation.

I have been in and out of AMN and made my last entry in November during the election jitters and am up 40-ish%. It is at $37.20 now but was as high as $44 in July.