AMPL and the G2 Claim

I have been working on my notes for Amplitude, but I got hung up on something, so for those who follow amplitude, maybe someone can clear this up for me.

On 12/20/21 Amplitude published a news piece stating, “Amplitude Ranks #1 in Three Analytics Categories by G2, Announces 2021 Datamonsters of the Year Winners”

I had to look up what G2 was, and according to Google and a LinkedIn page, “ is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping 5.5 million people every month make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.” Looking at the G2 report link that AMPL provided, left me with more questions than answers on the claims, which is why I wanted to put something out there on it.

This report seems to be based off customer reviews, satisfaction, and marketplace presence. Looking at the Scores tab it shows Amplitude, Pendo, and Mixpanel all have a G2 score of 91. A note at the bottom states that satisfaction score is used to break a tie in G2 score. That being the case, Amplitude would be tied for second with Mixpanel, leaving Pendo as the “winner”. Further, when I read on the methodology in the G2 report - it provides a link to current data which shows Pendo as the number one ranked for product analytics.

They then used this in conjunction with the announcement of their Datamonsters of the year award to state. “Together, the G2 rankings and the Datamonsters of the Year awards highlight customers’ deep trust in Amplitude’s award-winning technology as a strategic part of their digital growth stack.”
I do not see much stock in the Datamonsters of the year award as it’s an award created by Amplitude, and I get the feeling this award, and I do not intend this to be negative, is more of a “pep-rally” then anything. It is “an annual celebration of the top customers leveraging product data to drive strategy and business growth.”

All in all I think this is a relatively small piece of the big picture, but on initial thought it brings the integrity of the company to question in my mind – which has bigger implications.

So, I am left with the following thoughts as potential conclusions:

  1. I am wrong and not interpreting the reports correctly – I’m ok with being wrong

  2. It is all valid when the News was posted and things change. – Given the holiday and short time frame
    I’m skeptical it changed that fast.

  3. Amplitude published a news piece without really analyzing the content, but just did a quick look at
    the chart and list. – IMO This would not reflect well on a company that does analytics. It could be
    chalked up to being a early mistake in a young public company wanting to put out a fluff piece.

  4. Amplitude lied – I am more inclined to believe it was a mistake rather than a lie.

  5. It doesn’t matter – again, in the big picture this piece could very well be irrelevant. The story of
    the company appears to be fine, more on that later, and this could be a blip. Just one I’m not ready
    to ignore, yet.

I think copying the tables might violate a rule so just in case here are the links that I used to access the information for free.…